2019 Google Blocks & Google Tilt Brush Competition
Category : 一般
Date : 2019-05-25 (Saturday)
Host : 電腦教育學會
Location : Olympian City
Nature : External
Responsible Person : Mr. Chun LS

The competition was held by the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE). The aim of the competition is to enhance the ability and the interest of VR art design.

Topic of secondary group: <My Dream Room>

Our school product: < Equality>

Link: https://poly.google.com/u/0/view/8x3CD4G3A1u


由電腦教育學會主舉, 旨在提高學生對VR藝術創作的興趣和能力。


Link: https://poly.google.com/u/0/view/8x3CD4G3A1u

2nd runner-up
3C Tang CY 3C Wong WY3D Leung WY
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