EMI Learning

1. Language and critical thinking

Language proficiencies are highly emphasized and various measures are adopted to enhance students’ language proficiencies, major ones including:

  1. the importance of languages and critical thinking are emphasized and conveyed to students;
  2. unless for special needs, we emphasize consistent and correct use of one language in formal presentation or sharing;
  3. language trainings are integrated in the curriculum as major subjects;
  4. all subject teachers collaborate, through classroom teaching & learning, and other learning experiences, to nurture students’ language abilities in expressing, thinking, analyzing and discussing; and
  5. students are strongly encouraged and arranged to participate in language activities such as extensive reading, assigned reading, writing, experience sharing, academic presentations, group discussions, speech activities and vocal performances.

2. EMI environment

As an EMI school, aiming at training students for academic excellence, we provide an English learning environment:

  • Full range EMI subjects
    Most subjects are conducted with EMI approaches (except for subjects like Chinese, Chinese History, etc.)
  • Morning assemblies
    Morning assemblies are conducted in English.
  • E-learning Programmes
    Students have to visit e-learning websites (e.g. My Smart ABC) for daily reading and language trainings, and make access to various types of English learning materials.
  • English Speaking Week
    It is an annual school function which aims at enhancing students’ English proficiency and fun in English through different activities such as English drama competition, story telling competition, parade, Drama Show, Fun Fair etc.
  • S1 Summer Bridging Programme
    To prepare the new S1 students to learn through English as the medium of instruction, an S1 Bridging Programme is run during the summer.
  • S1 English Bridge Course
    To strengthen S1 students’ abilities and confidence in using English, a special S1 Bridge Programme is designed for the first two cycles of the academic year.
  • Remedial Classes
    English remedial classes are run in junior forms so that student’s individual differences are better looked after.
  • Oral Lessons
    All our S1 to S2 oral lessons are taught by the Native-speaking English Teacher in split classes.
  • Rich language activities
    Language activities, English debate, activities at the English Corner, regular English book sharing, etc. are abundant, accompanying daily interactions between students and teachers.

EMI Focus Inspection report: EMI_Brief_summary_of_oral_report_12.11.pdf

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