Student Leaders Core Group

Student leaders holding different posts from different committees are selected to be announcers in morning assemblies and MCs of different assemblies. They act as role-models to serve our school.

Servant Leaders

By adopting 6-year cycle, we try to cultivate, in our students, a serving spirit to serve different groups of the needy. We hope our students will learn to love and care for the needy, accept and respect others and develop a thankful heart. Talks, visits, services and sharing in morning assemblies provide further insights to students.

“It is more blessed to give than to
receive” Serving ethnic minorities
in Tuen Mun

Preparing cement to build a spring
well in Uganda 

In a simulated debate in Legco!

As Youth Ambassadors in the Mid-Autumn
Lantern Carnivals

Serving as tour guides in Poi Toi Islands 

Outward Bound Training 

Leadership Trainings

We try to offer different types of leadership trainings, projects and interflows to students aiming to broaden their horizons, develop their potentials and upgrade their problem solving and communicating skills. 

Visiting local minority families

Sharing by Hong Kong Spirit Ambassadors

Helping the elderly to have body check


Students learning how to make ‘shirts’
with newspaper in the “Hunger
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