Dulux Mural Competition ( 多樂士Let’s colour校園添色彩計劃2012-2013 )
Category : 一般
Date : 2013-07-08 (Monday)
Nature : External

We have joined the Dulux Mural Competition ( 多樂士Let’s colour校園添色彩計劃2012-2013 ) in this year. The project lasted almost 5 months from preparation to completion. We ranked no.1 in the voting session and has won the champion of the whole competition. Our students have paid a whole heap of effort into it. And in contempt of all the obstacles the students have encountered, they’ve learnt a lot.

To ensure the long-lasting project could run smoothly, everything had to be well-planned. Before the activity started, they students had to attend a talk on safety and painting technique, draft the picture on the wall, arrange numbers for each bucket and paint can so as to make sure our schoolmates could paint the wall conveniently and systematically.

As the number of students joining is more than we expected, we confronted difficulties in arrangement. So we decided to divide them into groups and assign a couple of leaders to each group. In this way, the tutoring of wall-painting skills was carried out more effectively and we’ve attained skills in arrangement from this.

Also, one time, members of the Parent-teacher Association were invited to join our wall-painting activity. All core members were summoned to guide them how to paint.
It brought us betterment in communication skills and it’s a grateful chance for us to try collaborating with others. The students have learnt a lot throughout the activity. They now become more tolerant.

Winning the prize is a recognition from our community. But to us, and, as we reckoned, to everyone in HTYC, the prize is just a bonus. The sweat and toil of our schoolmates in these 5 months are what really matter.

Through the process, students have learnt how to lead, to communicate, to compromise and to cooperate. And they’ve got to know a group of people who all have hearts in art as we do. This experience is genuinely enjoyable.

Last but not least, thanks everyone for the contribution to the wall-painting competition.

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