The first HTYC Student Union was established in 2015, which marked one of the milestones of HTYC development. This would not have happened without the SU preparation committee, who had worked for a year preparing for the Constitution and related documents. The aims of SU are to act as a bridge between school and students, strengthen the bonding among students, promote whole person development through activities, raise students’ awareness of citizen responsibilities and provide welfare for students. The first SU cabinet “Genesis” (a Biblical name) has marked a positive start. The second SU cabinet “Sparkle” extends the spirit of SU by giving ‘sparks’ in the school. Through the Student Union, students are able to pool together and grow, leaving lots of good memories. Hioecians, as we address ourselves nowadays, are part of HTYC’s valuable asset. We are Hioecians!

Adventureship programme (where we began)

​HTYC 1st adventureship - where the SU preparation committee began.
Holding hands to make this happen, nobody should be left behind! HTYC 2nd adventureship – maturing - accepting more challenges and planting the seeds of the Hioecian spirit. 
Jumping into the sea, sharing joy and strengthening our bonding.  Trust me! I am flying!  Our first experience at boating, cool breeze, awesome views and wonderful teammates. 

SU Official opening (our place)

​Official opening of our SU room! Lots of excitement among teachers and students!
Students show support at the opening of SU room and write blessing memos on the SU board. SU Preparation Committee – pioneers of HTYC Student Union

SU campaign

​Big turnout for the SU campaign. Quality questions were raised to the SU cabinet(s). SU cabinet on stage, ready to share their ideas and respond to the audience. 1st SU (Genesis) - Opening a new chapter for HTYC. 
Two cabinets debate to demonstrate their enthusiasm in serving HTYC. 2nd SU (Sparkle) inauguration.  Bringing sparks to Hioecians.  

SU Election

​High percentage of students show up to vote for their favourite cabinets. Each vote counts.  Finally, the SU election day! Cabinets tried their very best to win votes from their schoolmates. Lessons are over but students crowd the covered playground to monitor vote counting. Which cabinet will run the next SU?

Archery Tag (Bonding between students and teachers)

​Discussing strategies to win the games. Exciting games between the Big Boss Team and the students’ team! Hip, Hip Hurray! Exciting games between the Big Boss Team and the students’ team! Hip, Hip Hurray!  First whole-school event organized by the 1st SU. Participants had fun! 

Hong Kong 24 hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix (Our Signature Event since 2016)

​Working together to urgently repair our kart and get it back on the track as soon as possible. Pit crew helps to swap the peddlers. We have to be fast to save time for the next lap. Supporting hands from Hioecians cheer me on!
We are ready to cheer, pedal and get wet! We did it! 24 hours non-stop pedaling for charity! We sang our school song in the court to demonstrate our Hioecian spirit!  


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