The Love of Beauty is Taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art
Date : 2018-05-15 (Tuesday)
Activity Category : FEC

The Further Education and Careers Guidance Committee is dedicated to facilitating students to develop their plans for further education and career development. With an attempt to equip students with knowledge of a variety of careers, a career workshop is arranged regularly.   .

In view of the makeup trend becoming immensely popular, the theme of our 2017-18 career workshop is “Make-up Artist” with the title of The Love of Beauty is Taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art. 「美.筆.星.修」. We were pleased to have Mr Tsui Cheung Wai, Kenny (KT), our alumnus star make-up artist, share with our students his journey to becoming a make-up artist.


Doing Celeb Make-Up for Ms Chan TY

An hour prior to the workshop, Mr Raz Wong who is an alumnus hair stylist, together with KT helped Ms Chan TY do celeb make-up. Not knowing who the lucky teacher was getting this invaluable chance, many of the students craned their necks to look for where the teacher was in the school hall. The moment when Ms Chan came under the spotlight, everybody burst into cheers. Ms Chan was just stunningly charming and gorgeous!


Interview with Mr Tsui Cheung Wai, Kenny (KT), our alumnus star make-up artist

KT began his career path as a make-up artist which was never smooth in the first place. He could barely make ends meet in his first few years of work and therefore stepped up efforts to take make-up courses, both locally and overseas.

Fortunately, opportunities knocked when he became an apprentice of Felix Ferreira, a renowned makeup artist. However, what really made him become a star in the make-up artist industry were his persistence and enthusiasm. His endeavors paid off by having been a Chief makeup artist of PCCW Now TV and Covermark. More importantly, he is the queen makeup artist of Handelababy, characterized by Wong Cho Lam.


Demonstrating Simple Make-Up for University Interview

Many S.5 students would like to hear from KT on ways of wearing simple make-up to leave a pleasant impression on University interviewers. In view of this, an S.4 student was invited to help with live make-up demo by KT. Better still, KT gave useful tips and advice about simple make-up.


Make-Up Competition

With twofold aims of giving students hands-on make-up practice and receiving spontaneous feedback from a star make-up artist, a make-up competition comprising four teams of five was specially arranged. Teams were required to perform make-up for a member in 35 minutes. Though difficult and challenging, as seen from their smiling faces, everybody did cherish the experience of helping their friends become more attractive.

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