2019-06-05Prize Presentation of Visual Arts Department - 第四屆全港中學學界廣告賣橋王|ASUS Brand Award

Our Visual Arts department assisted six S2 students to promote the latest ASUS laptop, draw a series of an aesthetic storyboard, and design a creative poster and an inspirational slogan, and to present their creative ideas to judges. Finally, they got the ASUS Brand Award and scholarship.




2019-06-05Prize Presentation of Visual Arts Department - Central Kowloon Route Hoarding Decoration Recruitment

Our Visual Arts department assisted five S1 students to promote the benefits of greening brought by the Central Kowloon Route project and raise students' awareness on environmental protection. The painting “Ho Man Tin’s Future Development” will be displayed on the Hoarding among Fat Kwong Street, Sheung Lok Street and Chung Hau Street. Our honourable guests, the representative of Highways Department, Mr Cedric Leung, Senior engineer, the representative of ARUP Mott Mcdonals, Mr Tony Chan, Senior engineer, and the representative of Nishimatsu Construction Company Limited, Mr. Iwata, Project Manager came to visit and present the prize and the certificate of appreciation to us.


2019-05-27Prize presentation ceremony of「2018我是發明家大獎」

The prize presentation ceremony of 「2018我是發明家大獎」was held on 27th May, 2019. Four students from HTYC got the Champion – Gold Award by their innovative design, ‘Windows 90’.

The team introduced their invention to the guests who are expertise from industries, financial sector and research institutes. 

2019-05-25InnoFair 2019
InnoFair 2019
2019-05-25第四屆全港中學學界廣告賣橋王|ASUS 品牌大獎

Our Visual Arts department assisted six S2 students to promote the latest ASUS laptop, draw a series of an aesthetic storyboard, and design a creative poster and an inspirational slogan, and to present their creative ideas to judges. Finally, they got the ASUS Brand Award and scholarship.


2019-05-2544th Speech Day
44th Speech Day
2019-05-252019 Google Blocks & Google Tilt Brush Competition

The competition was held by the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE). The aim of the competition is to enhance the ability and the interest of VR art design.

Topic of secondary group: <My Dream Room>

Our school product: < Equality>



由電腦教育學會主舉, 旨在提高學生對VR藝術創作的興趣和能力。



2019-05-19HTYC Student Artists Training Program - Arts Exhibition Visit--丘中學生藝術家培訓計劃的藝術展覽參觀活動
HTYC Student Artists Training Program - Arts Exhibition Visit--丘中學生藝術家培訓計劃的藝術展覽參觀活動
2019-05-18Code2App Application Development Contest--Code2App 編程挑戰賽

To address sustainability as an important issue, Hong Kong Education City and HKUST-Lee Kum Kee Happy Family Learning Center are jointly organizing the ‘Code2App’ program. Students can make use of their coding and computational thinking skills, along with their creativity to build Android apps, to arouse the public awareness of reducing household waste.



2019-05-1034th Swimming Gala
34th Swimming Gala
2019-05-10The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2019--香港賽馬會社區資助計劃2019 - 有種藝術社區藝術計劃

Our Visual Arts department offered S2 students to participate in the stART Up Community Arts Project 2019 this year. They created a series of poster designs “Anti-bullying Revolution” in a style inspired by the aesthetics of propaganda art, the posters convey simple, concise messages through eye-catching images, bold outlines and colours, and symbolic groupings of people and objects. The resulting artworks reflect their determination and desire to stop bullying at school. Finally, there were 35 pieces of students works displayed at Youth Square.


本校視覺藝術科中二全級學生參與由香港青年藝術協會主辦、香港賽馬會慈善信託基金贊助的「有種藝術」社區藝術計劃,以「對抗欺凌──為自己和他人挺身而出!」作為主題來創作《反欺凌革命 》 一系列手繪海報,運用政治宣傳藝術的特色,構圖線條分明、顏色配搭強烈,多以人像或含象徵意義的物件為主體,加上精簡明確的訊息,創作出以傳達反欺凌訊息為目的的手繪海報,其中35幅學生作品於柴灣青年廣場Y展覽平台一同展出。

2019-05-04HTYC Student Artists Training Program 2018-2019--丘中學生藝術家培訓計劃 2018-2019
To form our student’s sense of commitment and their professional competence in Visual Arts, our Visual Arts department provided S1-S2 students a tuition-free eight-week professional training program, and our subject teacher Ms LuiCY further taught them how to draw the photorealism paintings. 為了培養丘中學生對視覺藝術的承諾感和專業能力,本校視覺藝術科為中一中二學生免學費地提供了為期八週每堂三小時的專業培訓課程,並由科任老師Ms LuiCY親自教授他們如何繪畫出照片寫實主義的畫作。
2019-04-29Junior Career Planner Contest

Our counselors also participated in a competition, Junior Career Planner Contest of Youth Employment Start. Though short drama, video and presentation, the participants introduced the basic career planning knowledge and what these careers particularly will do. This competition gave the participants a chance to prepare ourselves better for the challenges in the working world. The team members of awarding the overall champion, the best team spirit award and the best career planner are:



2019-04-26U-STEMist Scheme – Mr Bean Project
“Mr Bean” is a series of workshops centred on the theme “soybeans”, which is led by Prof. Lam Hong Ming from CUHK with a team of assistants and undergraduate students. The goal of the project is to let students identify the limitations of the current agricultural practices and find out ways to improve on the situation with the STEM knowledge. Students had their last workshop on 26th April. Except trying to check the protein content of soybeans, they also tried to make products (bean curd pudding and soy milk) from soybeans. They had a lot of fun and the bean curd pudding tasted good!
2019-04-23ECF Big Issue of Microplastics” Hoi Ha Visit-「環保基金 齊來找微塑」學生參觀活動
This project is organized by WWF Hong Kong, aiming to enhance the students’ knowledge on marine biodiversity and awareness on marine litter, especially microplastics, and create changes in their lifestyle, by participating in a series of student activities and field trips. HTYC is one of the 10 local secondary schools joined this project and Hoi Ha Visit was the first field trip in this programme.
2019-04-11Easter Service
Easter Service
2019-04-072019 RoboSTEAM - 香港區公開賽

On April 7, five members of our school participated in the RoboSTEAM 2019, jointly organized by City University of Hong Kong and the Association of I.T. Leaders in Education. With concerted endeavor, they performed exceptionally well in the competition and won the Champion in the open section of senior group. The team will advance to Universal Robotics Challenge 2019 in Japan.








  1. 面試形式為個人面試,以英語進行。
  2. 面試連同簡介會,需時約五十五分鐘,
  3. 由於四月六日當天早上校園用作公開考試,學校將在下午   1時45分才開放。家長及申請人只需在報到時間到校,切勿過早。
  4. 每位申請人可由一位家長陪同出席簡介會及面試。
  5. 面試詳情將另函通知。
  6. 面試當日需帶備學生身份證、本校面試函件、六年級下學期學生手冊,以及四頁A4紙的個人資料檔(屆時校方會把資料檔收取存檔)
  7. 請家長及申請人準時出席面試。對不能出席的申請人,本校將不會重新安排面試。


2019-03-31HK Primary and Secondary Schools STEM Robotics Competition 2019

Through a series of robotics missions, to encourage primary and secondary students to:


  • Nurture their interest in robotics, computer science and information technology;
  • Hone their problem-solving and logical thinking skills; and
  • Strengthen their ability to communicate and cooperate effectively.


Members of the champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up teams of 2019 STEM Robotics Competition will receive subsidy to participate in the “Silicon Valley Technology Exploring Tour”.

2019-03-3121st Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition 2018-2019|Science Fiction Drawing

Our S1 student Chan HK participated the Science Fiction Drawing in the 21st Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition 2018-2019 for the first time. The judges particularly appreciated her creativity.


Chan HK finally won the 1st runner-up award. Her artwork is now nominated to further participate in the coming 34th china adolescent science and technology innovation contest. Congratulations!

2019-03-30“Legal Pioneer” Mentorship Programme
“Legal Pioneer” Mentorship Programme
2019-03-20NSS Subject Expo-選修科巡禮
2019-03-14S3 Subject Selection Talk-中三選科講座
詳細向中三同學講解 • 選科的重要性 • 選科的程序 • 選科時可能出現的問題 • 填選科表的日期及繳交日期

本校(基督教女青年會丘佐榮中學)現招標承辦教科書售賣服務(Textbook Purchasing Service)經營合約,日期由2019年7月1日至2021年6月30日。截標日期為2019年4月1日(星期一)中午12時正(香港時間)。投標者必須於上述時間前親自把投標書放入九龍何文田常和街六號本校校務處的標書箱內,逾期概不受理。

投標表格可在本校校務處索取。有關投標事宜,可向校務處職員查詢,電話2711 7159(辦公時間:星期一至五上午九時至下午四時;星期六上午九時至正午十二時)。



2019-03-06Prefect Inauguration
Prefect Inauguration








  1. 申請人須帶備身份證,以便核實資料。
  2. 面試以個人及小組形式進行,連同等候時間,整個過程共約五十五分鐘,家長及申請人只需在報到時間準時到校,切勿過早,以免等候時間過長。(是日學校會在下午12:30才正式開放,家長勿過早到達。)
  3. 每位申請人須有最少一位家長出席於禮堂舉行的簡介會。
  4. 簡介會完畢後,家長請根據指示到地下小食部等候。
  5. 由於面試是以小組形式進行,故面試時間不作更改,敬希見諒,請家長及申請人準時出席面試。不能出席是次面試的申請人將不獲重新安排面試
We, 8 Form.4 students joined a program, City Forum in the East Wing Forecourt of Central Government Offices on 24th February,2019. The topic of that day discussed about how could the government attain a successful resource allocation in the budget. We were glad to join this meaningful and knowledgeable program to comprehend the resource allocation in the budget in Hong Kong deeply.
2019-02-20English Week 2019
English Week 2019
2019-02-17Glass Art Experience Programme


Incorporating glass art into our pull-out visual arts educational program, we offered our students a unique and memorable art-based experience that fosters their senses of accomplishment, aesthetics, belonging and unity through the energy and creativity of the glass blowing.


2019-02-16Fun Science Competition 2019--趣味科學比賽 2019

Fun science competition is a competition organized by Hong Kong Science Museum. Students need to solve a problem by using their science knowledge.  Our students performed very well this year and got some prizes this year.

2019-02-15Sports Team Prize Presentation
Sports Team Prize Presentation
2019-02-15Book Sharing
Book Sharing
2019-01-30Inter-class Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition 2018-2019
To enhance our motivation and engagement in our school life, “Active Engagement in Learning” is the theme of the inter-class classroom bulletin board decoration competition this year. I was really impressed by their efforts. The champion in junior form congratulation presented to Class 1C with the highest overall scores while the champion in senior form congratulation presented to Class 5C with the highest overall scores.
2019-01-26Inter-School Girls Basketball Competition

Ours Girls B Grade Basketball Team took part in the Inter-School Basketball Competition, they came the 1st Runner-up. Congratulations!

2019-01-25CUHK Business School x Dialogue with WCE Forum
CUHK Business School x Dialogue with WCE Forum
2019-01-17S3 PBL
2018-12-19Christmas Service
Christmas Service
2018-12-17FEC Sharing-FEC 輔導員分享
FEC counselors conclude the events held by FEC in 2017-2018 and introduce the coming events to be held in 2018-2019
2018-12-16香港科技協進會2018 善德關愛科研青年發展計劃 –「我是發明家大獎」

A team of student participated an invention competition organized by HKAAST (香港科技協進會)  named 「我是發明家大獎」.

Their invention, ‘Windows 90’ was highly appreciated by the judges.

They got the Gold Award (Champion)


Link below:

2018-12-14Sports Team Prize presentation
Sports Team Prize presentation
一、 申請日期及手續
申請日期 由二零一九年一月三日至二零一九年一月十七日止
辦公時間 星期一至星期五:上午十時至十二時,下午二時至五時
星期六        :上午九時半至正午十二時
索取申請表 1.親臨本校  2.本校網站下載  3.透過就讀之兄姊向校務處索取
查詢電話 2711 7159
二、 提交文件及繳費
  • 2019-2020年度入學申請表
  • 2019-2020年度入學申請補充資料表
  • 「中一自行分配學位申請表」(包括教育局存根、學校存根及家長存根)
  • 小五全年小六上學期成績表副本
  • 教育局發出之「小六學生資料表」副本
  • 出生證明文件副本香港身份證副本(請在兩份證件副本加上「副本」兩字)
  • 1個已貼上郵票($2.0)及寫上學生姓名、住址的回郵長信封(100毫米x 228毫米)
  • 行政費用港幣$20(即日收取)
三、 面試及注意事項
  • 申請表必須親自提交(可由家長提交,學生本人毋須親自提交),並請保存本校發出的行政費用收據,以便在本校網頁內查閱有關約見安排。
  • 本校將進行兩次面試。
  • 第一次面試:本校將約見全部申請者,日期暫定於二零一九年三月九日(星期六)下午,並於二零一九年三月四日起在本校網頁內公布約見詳情,但不會另函通知。
  • 第二次面試:本校將根據申請者的學業成績(佔總分50%)及第一次面試成績【英文溝通能力(25%)、中文溝通能力(12.5%)、面試整體表現(12.5%)】,約見部份申請者,面試日期暫定於二零一九年四月六日(星期六)下午,並將於二零一九年四月一日起在本校網頁內公布及另函通知約見詳情。
  • 本校依收生準則取錄41名中一學生。取錄結果將於二零一九年七月九日,與其他經統一派位的學生一併透過就讀小學公布。申請人請勿致電本校查詢取錄結果,不便之處,尚希見諒。
  • 無論申請成功與否,所有已提交之文件及行政費用,一概不予退還。
  • 本校將根據個人私隱保障條例規定,處理 台端向本校所遞交之個人資料。本校 只會將有關資料作甄選學生及轉送教育局中一學位分配組進行學位安排之用。
四、 收生準則
  • 下列收生準則比重: 
    1. 學業成績(50%);  2. 操行、活動及服務表現、面試表現等(50%)。
  • 如上述二項總分相若,下列申請者會獲優先考慮:
    1. 校董、教職員或校友之子女;  2. 有兄姊在本校就讀的申請者。
2018-12-10Chemistry Prize Presentation
Chemistry Prize Presentation
2018-12-10Australian National Chemistry Quiz

Australian National Chemistry Quiz

The quiz was organised by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and has been conducted in every state and territory in Australia and 15 countries including Hong Kong. Questions in the quiz were based on the fundamental aspect of chemistry as well as questions involving its application in modern society.

2018-12-10The Chemists Online Self-study Award Scheme

The Chemists Online Self-study Award Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to nurture scientific literacy in senior secondary school students, through a number of advanced chemistry online lectures by local University Professors.


2018-12-07FEC E-app briefing
FEC E-app briefing
2018-12-07Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows

After winning the gold award of the Junior Class in the Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows, our school band members decided to take on greater challenges to compete with stronger school bands in the intermediate class this year.


We are delighted to announce that, with our conjoint efforts and perseverance, we performed outstandingly and received the silver award. Again, our band made history, for this is the very first time we have received such an honour. 

2018-12-06FEC leadership training
FEC leadership training



2018-11-30Inter-School Boys Beach Volleyball Cup

Ours Boys A Grade Beach Volleyball Team took part in the Inter-School Beach Volleyball Competition, they came the 1st  Runner-up. Congratulations!

2018-11-28S1 SMS
2018-11-23Inter-School Girls Basketball Competition

Ours Girls A Grade Basketball Team took part in the Inter-School Basketball Competition, they came the 2nd Runner-up. Congratulations!

2018-11-18Information Day
Information Day
2018-11-17The 34th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition-星島第三十四屆全港校際辯論比賽

星島第三十四屆全港校際辯論比賽 屆全港校際辯論比賽








2018-11-14Inter-School Cross Country Competition
The Inter-school Cross Country Competition was held on 14/11/2018 at Aberdeen Reservoir. There were 21 schools participating in Boys’ Events and 13 schools participating in Girls’ Events. Our school Cross Country Teams (Boys and Girls) competed in A, B and C Grades and achieved the following results:
I. Individual Prizes:
Girls B Grade (total 69 competitors) -- 3C Kwong CT (3rd position) 
                                                           -- 3D Heung HC (4th position)
                                                           -- 3A Chin NH (10th position)
Girls A Grade (total 70 competitors) -- 4A Zhai X (3rd position)
                                                            -- 5C Ng CW (8th position)
                                                            -- 3C Yeung HY (10th position) 
Boys B Grade (total 125 competitors) – 4C Lau PH (7th Position)
II. Overall Results:
Girls B Grade Overall--2nd runners up
Girls A Grade Overall --Champion
Girls Overall –1st runners up
Boys B Grade Overall-- Champion
Very well done Boys and Girls! 
Congratulations to all participants!
From: PE Section
2018-11-10Hong Kong 24 Hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix 2018
香港格蘭披治大賽 「圓桌會24小時慈善腳踏車大賽」
2018-11-07IMC Teacher Manager Election Results 2018-2019

The Incorporated Management Committee

Teacher Managers Election 2018-2019

法團校董會教員校董選舉 2018-2019


Election Results


The Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) teacher manager election was conducted on 7th November, 2018. 48 teachers cast votes (turnout rate=87.2%). With 45 votes of support, Mr Lam Man Yee was elected teacher manager, and 41 votes of support, Mr Cheung Chi Sing, alternate teacher manager. In accordance with the Education Ordinance, the School will nominate to the IMC Mr Lam and Mr Cheung as managers of the school in 2018-2019. The IMC shall then apply to the Permanent Secretary of Education Bureau for the registration of the elected teachers as school managers.


2018-2019年度法團校董會教員校董選舉於二零一八年十一月七日順利舉行,48位教員投票(投票率=87.2%)。林萬義先生獲45支持票當選「教員校董」,張志誠先生獲41支持票當選「替代教員校董」。按教育條例,本校將向學校法團校董會提名林先生及張先生出任本校的校董席位 (2018-2019)。其後,法團校董會將向教育局常任秘書長申請,將其註冊為本校的校董。



Returning Officer:Mr. Chan Wing Kit (Principal)

Date: 7th November, 2018




2018-11-06Hong Kong 24 Hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix 2018
香港格蘭披治大賽 「圓桌會24小時慈善腳踏車大賽」
2018-11-03The 18th Basic Law Debating Competition-第十八屆《基本法》多面體——全港中學生辯論賽






2018-11-03S3 My Choice (眾裡尋科)
2018-11-01Information Day

The Y.W.C.A. Hioe Tjo Yoeng College

Information Day (18th November, 2019, Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm)



Our Information Day will be held on 18th November, 2018 (Sunday), from 10:00am to 5:00pm whereby we can share with visitors the recent developments of our school. There will be briefing sessions, workshops, learning activities and a display of school information for visitors. The highlights of the day are as follows. (Ref: Information Day Programme)



Our school has already sent confirmation emails to the visitors whose enrolments are successful.


For those visitors whose enrolments are not successful, you are cordially invited to join other learning activities for fun or visit display.







Because of the great number of visitors, online booking allows for reservation of ONE briefing session and ONE workshop only. But visitors are welcomed to participate in other workshops if there are vacancies left. Details will be announced on 18-Nov.

Visitors are cordially invited to join other learning activities for fun or visit display.

No enrolment is required!




Programme Highlights節目簡介

I:Briefing Sessions學校簡介會

(Ref: Online enrolment網上報名, Nov. 1-7, 2018)

First Session:      10:00am – 10:35am

Second Session   12:30pm – 01:05pm

Third Session       03:00pm – 03:35pm  

II: Workshops趣味工作坊

(Ref: Online enrolment網上報名, Nov. 1-7, 2018)

Smart home IOT, applications design and coding, science activities, English debating demonstration, Chinese debating demonstration, IT in learning Chinese History, Visual Art Production

III. Learning activities for fun趣味性活動 (Free to join)

VR/AR, robot cars, 3D printing, science experiments, art work, bakery, hydroponics, English drama activities, Geography Orienteering, etc.

IV. Display學校資訊展覽 (Free to visit)

Sharing of students, students’ works, academic and non-academic performance, gifted education system……


There will be mouthwatering delicacies and

Leather DIY workshop organized by PTA.





For any enquiry, please contact General Office at 2711 7159.

如有查詢,歡迎致電 2711 7159 聯絡校務處。

本校中文科承蒙 教育局語文教學支援組(中國語文科)邀請,於2018年10月23日嘗試開放中一級中文課堂,與五所友校的教育同工一起透過觀課、評課、議課,探討如何優化語文的教與學;透過交流及經驗分享,促進老師專業成長。當天出席的教育同工約有三十人。謹此鳴謝教育局語文教學支援組高級學校發展主任黎耀庭先生擔任是次活動的評課者。
2018-10-15Prefect Inauguration
Prefect Inauguration
2018-10-07IMC Parent Manager Election Results 2018-2019

The Incorporated Management Committee

Parent Manager Election 2018-2019

法團校董會家長校董選舉 2018-2019


Election Results



The Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) parent manager election was conducted on 6th October, 2018. 121 parents cast votes. Ms Ng Ka Fun was elected parent manager with 69 votes, and Ms Leung Joy Yuk, alternate parent manager with 52 votes. In accordance with the Education Ordinance, the Parents and Teachers Association will nominate to the IMC Ms Ng and Ms Leung as managers of the school in 2018-2019. The IMC shall then apply to the Permanent Secretary of Education Bureau for the registration of the elected parents as school managers.


2018-2019年度法團校董會家長校董選舉於二零一八年十月六日順利舉行,121位家長投票。吳家歡先生以69票當選「家長校董」,梁再玉女士以52票當選「替代家長校董」。按教育條例,本會將向學校法團校董會提名吳女士及梁女士出任本校的校董席位 (2018-2019)。其後,法團校董會將向教育局常任秘書長申請,將其註冊為本校的校董。



Returning Officer:Mr. Chan Wing Kit (Principal)

Date: 7th October, 2018




2018-10-06PTA AGM
2018-10-06Prefect Training Camp
Prefect Training Camp
2018-10-05Jupus Talk
Jupus Talk
2018-10-03Inter-School Swimming Competition

The Inter-school Swimming Competition was held on 3/10/2018 & 10/10/2018 at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. There were 34 schools participating in Boys’ Events and 29 schools participating in Girls’ Events. Our school Swimming Teams (Boys and Girls) competed in A, B and C Grades and achieved the following results:

I. Individual Results

  1. 50m Free Style  Girls A - Yeung HY 3C (Champion)
    100m Free Style Girls A - Yeung HY 3C (Champion)
  2. 50m Back Stroke  Girls A - Zhai X 4A  (4th Position)
    50m Butterfly Girls A - Zhai X 4A (3rd Position)
  3. 50m Breast Stroke  Girls A - Lo YK Isadora 5D (4th Position)
  4. 50m Back Stroke  Boys A - Chan LH 5D (2nd Position)
    100m Back Stroke Boys A- Chan LH 5D (2nd Position)
  5. 50m Butterfly  Boys C - Law SH 2C (4th Position)

II. Relay Results

  1. 4x50m Free Style Relay  Girls A (Champion)
    Yeung HY 3C, Zhai X 4A, Lo YK Isadora 5D & Ng CW 5C
  2. 4x50m Medley Relay  Boys A (2nd Position) 
    Au Yeung KC 6D, Wong ML 6C, Chan LH 5D & Yuen TK Derek 5D
  3. 4x50m Medley Relay  Boys B (4th Position)
    Lo TW 4B, Lo I 3B, Chik YH 3D & Lau PH 4C
  4. 4x50m Medley Relay  Boys C (2nd Position)
    Law SH 2C, Hung KC 2D, Chong B 2C & Yuen TP Eric 1C

II. Overall Results

  1. Boys A Grade – 4th Position
  2. Boys Overall – 3rd Position
  3. Girls A Grade – 2nd Position

Very well done Boys and Girls!

Congratulations to all participants!


From: PE Section

2018-09-28S6 Precise Goal Setting
S6 Precise Goal Setting
2018-09-28National Flag Hoisting Ceremony
National Flag Hoisting Ceremony
2018-09-27S.1 Careers Guidance Programme-中一職業性向測驗工作坊
2018-09-26House AGM
House AGM
2018-09-2147th Athletics Meet
47th Athletics Meet
2018-09-11Conservation talk for Biology students
One of our school alumni, Mr Hau CL, has joined an OPCF university students sponsorship programme about Orangutan conservation. We were very lucky to have him and his team mate to come and share their precious experience in the programme to our senior for biology students. The sharing was inspiring.
2018-09-10IMC Parent Manager Election 2018-2019









遞交提名表格 (9月18日下午5時截止提名)











如有任何疑問,請致電本校校務處查詢 (電話2711-2428) 。有關家長校董資料,可參閱教育局網址:
2018-09-10Teacher's Day
Teacher's Day
2018-09-10Staff visit to Science Innovation Centre
Science Innovation Centre has been promoting STEM and creativity education in over ten years. During the meeting with Dr. Jimmy Wong, the Centre Director of Science Innovation Centre, our teachers exchanged ideas in STEM education and shared the joy in students’ success.
2018-09-07Student Counsellors Inauguration Ceremony
Student Counsellors Inauguration Ceremony
2018-09-03Beginning of Term Assembly
Beginning of Term Assembly
2018-08-17AiTLE InnoSTEMer MakeX Robotics Competition 2018

On August 17, two members from the Robotics Team of our school took part in the MakeX Robotics Competition 2018 jointly organized by Everbest Technologies Limited, Association of I.T. Leaders in Education and HKU e-Learning Development Laboratory. With concerted endeavor, they overcame many challenges and co-invented a robot that could perform all of the tasks stipulated in the competition. Their efforts paid off by having obtained full mark in one of the independent matches. In the finals, our team formed an alliance with a team from United Christian College (Kowloon East) and obtained sparkling results. Our team will advance to MakeX China Tournament 2018 in December.

2018-08-11Navigator Scheme 2018--明日領航者計劃2018

The Navigators of Tomorrow Project is based on unique experience and enhances the ability, confidence and commitment of the participants in all aspects. With the support of friends, the participants have the courage to face the wind and waves. Through the three elements of experiential learning, life education and service learning, the program will enable the participants to explore their potential and ambitions in different positions, such as workshops, experience of poverty, and team challenges. The team members of awarding the best team award and the overall 3th Runner-up are:

2018-07-14Computer App Programming 2018 Competition

Computer App Programming(CAP)2018 Competition was held by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education. The purpose of this competition is encouraging students to learn programming to solve the daily life problems.

2018-07-13End of Term Assembly
End of Term Assembly
2018-07-09University of Queensland Biology Workshop
University of Queensland Biology Workshop

日期:   2018年7月12日 (星期四) 

             2018年7月13日 (星期五)

時間:   9:00 am – 12:30 pm、2:00 pm – 4:00 pm



  1. 派往本校的中一新生須與家長 / 監護人前往本校註冊。如學生家長 / 監護人因要事未能於註冊日陪同新生前往本校註冊,可委派代表帶同『中一學生註冊授權書』到本校辦理註冊手續,此授權書必需事先透過小學辦理。
  2. 須帶備以下文件:(請注意:學校不提供影印服務)
    (a)   入學註冊證
    (b)   香港身份證、出生證明書(註1) 副本(請在副本上加上「副本」兩字)(如「身份證」上出生日期下有「C」字標記(有條件限制居留),須同時帶備其他有效旅行證件副本。)
    (c) 最近的學校成績報告表副本
    註1: 如學生出生地點不是香港,例如:中國,亦需帶備出生地點的出生證明書副本。}

  3. 請自行帶備文具。
  4. 中一新生須於7月17日 (星期二) 上午8:30-下午1:00參加中一入學前香港學科測驗 (編班試),新生須帶備中學學位分配派位證及小六學生資料表應考 。新生如因要事 (如生病或不在本港) 未能參加測驗,學生家長須於7月16日或以前向校長呈交請假信。
  5. 如因天氣惡劣關係,教育局宣布7月17日停課,當天的考試將會順延一天,即7月18日進行。
2018-06-24STEM AI Invention and Product Design

The competition provides a chance for students to develop their creativity by using AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics to enhance user experiences in public facilities.


(報名日期:2018年7月10日 早上9:00 - 12:00;下午2:00 - 3:30



  • 小五全學年及小六全學年成績表副本
  • 教育局發出之「小六學生資料表」副本
  • 教育局發出之「入學註冊證」副本
  • 身份證副本
  • 出生紙副本
  • 半身護照相片一張(請張貼在申請表上)。


  • 如在「自行分配學位申請」階段已提交有關申請資料,亦須重新遞交申請。
  • 本校將致電合適者到校進行面試,申請者無須停留本校等候。
  • 如獲安排面試者,本校將收取$20行政費。無論申請成功與否,所有已提交之文件及行政費,一概不予退還。
  • 本校保留隨時停止派發申請表格。
  • 本校將不會提供影印服務。
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