Plans for NSS

Plan for Senior Secondary Education in HTYC

As an EMI school, and with student intakes having good potential and capacity, HTYC has a firm direction in offering an education which enables students to pursue university studies. Therefore, the new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum, while enlarging the scope of knowledge and skills for students, crucially hinges on the maximization of students’ competitive edge for university admission.

NSS Curriculum for HTYC: Introduction to NSS curriculum 2018-2021.pdf

Subject Combinations for NSS 2018-2021

  • The subject combinations and groupings are structured to fit the interests and preferences of students based on data from 13 student surveys conducted in 2006-2019. Students are given a large number of choices in elective subjects.
  • The basic structure is 4 core subjects + 2 to 3 electives (from 9 subjects offered).
  • Mathematics Module 2 can be chosen from all students who have taken 2 or 3 electives. 


LS = Liberal Studies; LWL = life-wide learning
ICT = Information and Communication Technology
BAFS = Business Accounting and Financial Studies

Foundation in Junior Secondary Education
Students are to build up a strong foundation of language proficiency and generic skills in S.1-3 through language trainings in Chinese, English and Putonghua, Issues Enquiry, Project-based Learning (PBL) Scheme, STEAM Education  and Reading-to-learn Scheme, etc. Students are also to build up career awareness and perspectives through career-related projects and further studies and career guidance.

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